Điều Anh Biết by singer Chi Dân is a really good Vpop song in my opinion. However, you may have to be Vietnamese to fully appreciate it. It's an older school style of Vietnamese pop music (before Kpop exploded in popularity) that seems to be disappearing slowly. Because it's an older style of Vpop, the music video for it doesn't seem to visually fit the song. Watching it makes my brain uneasy. It's like watching a badly dubbed Chinese film. My brain instinctively knows something isn't right when the words coming out of a person's mouth are no where close to their lip movements, ya know? It annoys me to no end.

Visually, the MV for Điều Anh Biết is conforming to a more modern Korean popularized style, but that style doesn't seem to fit with this style of Vietnamese pop music. If you told me that MV for Điều Anh Biết was a fanmade MV of a early 2000's Vpop song placed over a Kpop MV, then I would probably believe you. In short, Điều Anh Biết is a good song, but it bothers me that they tried so hard to conform to current popular trends with this MV even though the song is kind of a throwback song.