Trọng Hiếu, or the person who I like to refer to as the Vietnamese Bruno Mars, is back with a thriller of a MV for his new song Say Ah. Trọng Hiếu may be the baddest dancer-singer in the Vietnamese pop game right now.

You know he's bad! He's bad! You know it! He's such a smooth criminal with the ladies. You might disagree, but it doesn't matter who's wrong or right. In the end, Billie Jean is just a girl who claims that Trọng Hiếu is the one, but she should just beat it! Beat it! No one wants to be defeated! Are you getting these Michael Jackson references, or should I keep going?

It's easy as ABC 123 to see that Say Ah has a lot of Michael Jackson influence in it. Anyone ever play the Michael Jackson Moonwalker game as a kid? The scene in this MV where Trọng Hiếu gets all the gunmen to start dancing totally reminds me of that game. That is not a bad thing. On the contrary, I believe it speaks volumes on the amount of talent that Trọng Hiếu possesses as a dancer-singer. Bruno Mars is like the new age Michael Jackson, and Trọng Hiếu is like the new age Bruno Mars. Those are big shoes to fill. I really like Bruno Mars and MJ as artists, so this MV is right up my alley. It has me screaming "Ahhhhhh!" like in the Michael and Janet Jackson song Scream.