While in Vietnam, I asked a girl what new song was popular on the streets of Saigon. Her answer -- Phía Sau Một Cô Gái by Soobin Hoàng Sơn. I said it before and I'll say it again, Vietnamese people freaking love their sad songs (nhạc buồn). I felt like I needed to take some anti-depressants after watching the Vietnamese music channel there in Vietnam. Pretty much only depressing as shit music videos get played. I guess when you're working a shit job for next to nothing and you have to deal with endless rain for months on end during the rainy season, you too would listen to nhạc buồn to chase the blues away. I get it. Therefore, it's not surprising that Phía Sau Một Cô Gái has been a huge hit for Soobin Hoàng Sơn. The lyric video for it has over 67 million views. That's what I call a hit song! Tiên Cookie sure does know how to write those nhạc buồn hits.