Vpop singer Hari Won has been quite busy this December. First, she released a fancy new MV for her new song Làm Sao Để Yêu. In typical Vietnamese nhạc buồn fashion, Làm Sao Để Yêu is a depressing as f*ck song/MV about lost love. Lucky for Hari Won though, she no longer has to worry about finding love IRL because on Christmas Day, Hari got married to MC Trấn Thành with whom she co-starred in the movie Bệnh Viện Ma. If you ask me, I would say that seems like a pretty good December. A new hit song and a fairy tail wedding? What more do you want? But it seems that Hari Won is going for the best December EVER, releasing a new EDM pop song -- Cuối Cùng Anh Cũng Đến -- with Vpop hit-maker Mr. Siro. Congratulations, Hari Won! You win at life, and you won the award for having the best December. I don't think anyone else is going to top yours.