2017 is upon us, and Sơn Tùng M-TP is starting the new year off with a bang. Lạc Trôi is M-TP's newest MV and first music project since forming his own independent entertainment company. And what a MV it is! It had everything that I could ask for. I loved everything about it. I have been saying M-TP is the future of Vpop for a while now, and I feel that Lạc Trôi validates why I have been saying that. Produced by Triple-D, Lạc Trôi has a complex modern sound that utilizes the future bass genre mixed with traditional instruments. In addition, M-TP's rap and r&b background served him well in this song.

It seems like M-TP is trying to change the game up like LeBron James. With Lạc Trôi, the standard for which other Vpop MVs will be judged has gone up considerably for me. It will be interesting to see if other Vpop artists can achieve the same level of production quality in both the visual and audio department of their MVs in 2017. Vpop in 2017 is starting off strong, and I hope that it will continue that way. Happy New Year, everyone!