Christmas is over, and New Year's Day came and went. But there's no reason to start feeling the post-holiday blues just yet, because Tết is around the corner! There's no time to waste because the Tết hype train has already left the station and making its way around to Vietnamese households in the form of commercialized marketing campaigns. Hooray for mass media! Before you know it, these Tết themed videos featuring popular Vpop Idols will have you singing Tết Tết Tết Tết đến rồi!

Soobin Hoàng Sơn wants you all to Đi Để Trở Về, or go back home for you English speakers. This MV was so well done by Soobin and Tiên Cookie that I almost didn't notice that it was an advertisement for shoes. It may as well be an advert for backpacks too because all I could think about was how much I wanted that backpack that Soobin was rockin' in the MV. Call me jam because I'm jelly.

In this 2017 Nescafé Tết MV, popular singers Đông Nhi and Isaac lend their voices to promote Nescafé. In addition, Vpop singers Châu Đăng Khoa and Only C helped out with the song composition and sound production. Nescafé must have some deep pockets to make this Vpop singers selling coffee a yearly thing. Last year, it was Uyên Linh, Đông Nhi, and Trọng Hiếu. The year before that, it was Đông Nhi and various other Vpop singers.

Minh Hằng continues her TEA+ Plus promotional activities with this Tết 2017 MV. In typical Minh Hằng fashion, she makes everything seem so much better. On the other hand, I'm not sure why Hương Giang is even featured in this MV. It seems like TEA+ Plus couldn't get Miu Lê, and they instead settled for a Miu Lê body double.

Speaking of Miu Lê, I guess she was too busy making a MV for Bảo Xuân. Nice try, Miu Lê. You ain't getting me with this sentimental stuff. I'm on to your games! You ain't tricking me into buying this Bảo Xuân health supplements and so-called "medicine" for my aging parents. The ole guilt trip game -- Vietnamese people love playing it.

In this 2017 Tết MV by Neptune Gold brand cooking oil, we see another prime example of guilt tripping. Set to the song Tết Xa by singer Bảo Uyên, this promotional video is all about making you feel like a piece of shit for not going home to celebrate Tết with family. Guilt trip much, Vietnam?

Finally, we have the short film Tết Của Mẹ, or Momfie, with Vpop singer Noo Phước Thịnh. If smartphone brand OPPO was smart, they wouldn't have made such a snoozer of a video. Seriously, your sentimental BS doesn't work when I can't get half way through your video without falling asleep from boredom.

All in all, the Tết holiday season is a fun time of year for all of Vietnam and Vietnamese abroad. It's like Christmas and New Year's rolled into one grand holiday. There are festive decorations, gift giving, holiday foods, the excitement of a new year, the coming of spring...yeah, Tết is pretty cool.