Warning! This is NOT a best of 2016 Vpop review. It's just a list of new MVs that came out between November and December of 2016 that I didn't get the chance to talk about at the time.

In this MV for Ghé Thăm off of Đen Vâu's KOBUKOVU EP, we get a taste of the underground. Rap music is still not very popular in Vietnam, and hip-hop continues to only exists as a super niche culture. I don't think I met a single person who listened to rap music while in VN. Coming from a city like Atlanta where the influence of hip-hop is found everywhere, it's hard for me to fathom the idea that most people in VN have zero exposure to rap music. Pour one out for the homies, yo.

Làm Từ Thiện Đâu Có Dễ is a generic and very low-budget MV. Since I enjoy rap music so much, I don't even care. Beggars can't be choosers. I'll take whatever I can get. If Chung Thương T-Jo wants to enter the rap game, then I'll gladly welcome her. The rap game could use more female MCs IMO.

R&B singer Yanbi has a new MV out with rapper T.Akayz called Đoạn Đường Để Nhớ. For me, R&B never gets old...even when it starts sounding like it came out 10 years ago like this MV.

Pretty typical Vpop stuff here: bathtub scenes, rolling in a jeep through the country side with the homies, a game of cat and mouse involving a white guy...Yeah, I think I could come up with more original MVs simply by throwing darts at an idea board. But I guess this is what happens when you don't have a big name company sponsoring your MV. No money = 2nd-rate MVs.

Đến Bên Em (Be The One) by Vũ Thảo My and Lan Vy is an alternative R&B style song, which I find interesting since there aren't many songs that I would classify as alternative R&B by Vietnamese singers.

Ai Chờ Ai? by Nguyễn Hải Yến is a slow jam R&B ballad -- also known as boning music in the US. Judging by the looks of this video, Nguyễn Hải Yến might know a thing or two about that. Might want to put some sheets on that bed though. Nothing is more unappealing than a tear-stained, sheetless mattress to the opposite gender when you're trying to do the do.