In this last and final look at Vietnamese pop music videos that were released at the end of 2016, I'm going to go over MVs that feature some of Vpop's biggest names.

Warning! This is NOT a best of 2016 Vpop review. It's just a list of new MVs that came out between November and December of 2016 that I didn't get the chance to talk about at the time.

The We Choice Awards is basically the who's who award show of Vietnam. It's an award show recognizing and celebrating the best and most influential people, places, events, and things that are driving modern Vietnamese culture to a better tomorrow. In this collaborative MV, a whole slew of different Vietnamese singers (Thanh Bùi, Đông Nhi, Uyên Linh, Ái Phương, Quốc Thiên, Hòa Minzy, Đức Phúc, Min, Suni Hạ Linh, MONSTAR, Uni5 and Rocker Nguyễn) get together to celebrate the Việt Nam. I have to admit...I always enjoy these uplifting collaborative songs even if they are kind of corny. Like this song from last year, nothing gets me feeling the nationalistic spirit more than a good hype song. Before I know it, I am thinking to myself, "Vietnam, f*ck yeah!"

Tóc Tiên has been busy this winter getting that sponsorship mula. Be Your Best Version is a new MV that TT put out for Vuvuzela. For those of you who are not in the know, Vuvuzela is the most popular Beer Club chain in Vietnam. You can kind of think if it as the Buffalo Wild Wings / Hooters of Vietnam. Beer Clubs are kind of unique to Vietnam. Beer Clubs are what you would get if you were to take a bar/pub, a club, and a restaurant and combined them all into one thing. FYI, my best version IRL would probably be hand dance guy getting shuffled on by shuffle girl. FeelsBadMan.

Tóc Tiên and Suboi climbing that socioeconomic ladder, yo. Started at the bottom drinking 333, and now we here drinking that fancy American imported piss water known as Budweiser. For a song featuring Tóc Tiên, Suboi, and world-renowned DJ Afrojack; I feel like I should be more excited about this song. However, Tâm Điểm Ánh Nhìn (All Eyes On Us) gets an emphatic "meh" from me. But hot damn! Both Tóc Tiên & Suboi look amazing in this MV.

Bảo Uyên quietly released an OST song for the movie Cho Em Gần Anh Thêm Chút Nữa last month. That Bảo Uyên, she's a sneaky one. You really don't hear much about her, but she has been putting out some good-ass music with little to no applause. By the way, she also finally put out an official MV for her song Tết Xa. Took her long enough. That song was from 2016.

Where oh, where have the boys of 365DaBand gone? Well, ya boy Will of 365 finally decided to put on a pair of pants and release his first solo MV after the official breakup of 365. He maybe in for some rough times ahead IMO. I don't think he can carry a song on his own from the looks of Vì Một Người. Even though this song was done for the movie Chờ Em Đến Ngày Mai, which Will stars in, it's not even the OST song that is used to promote the movie. Instead, Ánh Nắng Của Anh by Đức Phúc (seen below) is the song used in the trailers and to officially promote the movie. That's what I call a FeelsBadMan. RIP Will.

Is it just me, or did anyone else think ERIK from ST.319 was singing this song at first? Could have fooled me.

Look who we have here. It's ya boy Jun Phạm of 365 with one of the most confusing Vpop MVs I have ever seen in the last year. Was he reminiscing about an old flame? Did he have amnesia? Did the girl have amnesia too? Why was Jun traveling by himself with a teddy bear having these flashback about some girl, and how come they don't recognize each other when they first meet? Was he seeing into the future? I don't get it! Maybe he never had a girlfriend to begin with, and Jun is just some psychopath who pretends his teddy bear is his imaginary girlfriend. Wouldn't that be some shit? I guess the real joke here is how many different product placements were squeezed into one single MV.

Hello darkness, my old friend. Like many other Vietnamese songs, Điều Buồn Tênh is a song about sadness. You know what's sad? It's sad that I thought I was watching an Enterprise commercial when this MV by Quang Vinh first started. It's also sad that dude didn't even realize someone else was camping right next to him at the end of the MV. Talk about lacking spatial and contextual awareness. That's sad. Real sad. FeelsBadMan level of sadness.

I usually only talk about music videos, but I am making a special exception here for Chia Tay Ngày Mưa by Tăng Phúc because I don't think a MV will ever be made for it. So if I don't talk about it now, I probably won't ever talk about it in the future. As you should know, the most popular Vietnamese songs have always been sad breakup songs and songs about the rain. The title in this song says it all. Chia tay = breakup. Ngày mưa = rainy days. As much as I like to smack talk nhạc buồn, I do enjoy listening to it now and then. I especially like nhạc buồn songs that are more uptempo like Yêu Một Người Có Lẽ and this song. Sometimes you just have to embrace the FeelsBadMan in order to FeelsGoodMan.