The boys of Uni5 need to stop being fuccbois and start "uni-5-ing" in this short film. Spoiler alert! The girl dies in this music video. But is that really a surprise? Someone almost always dies in these Asian dramas. If it's not a car accident, then it's some sort of terminal illness. Asian dramas are so predictable. Stop me if you have seen these typical Asian drama plot lines before. 1) There has to be some sort of love triangle. 2) The guy makes some grand romantic gesture that no regular dude would have neither the time nor the money to do. 3) The guy gets in a school yard or street fight for the sake of someone else. 4) There is an overly dramatic running in the rain scene. And what do you know? All of these clichés are found in this short drama.

I'm Not Fine! No Thank You!

Poor Khả Ngân was pretty much a dead woman walking as soon as this short film began. If she was smart, she would have exchanged her "I'm Fine Thank You" shirt for a "No Time For Fuckboyz" shirt that I once saw a girl working at a bar in Vietnam wear. Yeah, people in Asia often like to wear shirts with random English words on them. It's the cool thing to do. It's kind of like how Westerners like to wear shirts with random Asian characters on them without even knowing what they mean. Khả Ngân should stop wasting her time with fuccbois and instead spend more time in the ESL classroom like in this ABC I'm Fine Thank You Love You! cover because a happy Khả Ngân is better than a dead Khả Ngân.

Happy Kha Ngan > Dead Kha Ngan