I already wrote a Tết 2017 song blog post earlier this month. In just a short few weeks, however, a bunch of new Tết themed music videos have been released. I can't remember a time when there have been this many Tết themed MVs. It's crazy! So here we go...all aboard the hype train to Tết 2017! FYI, Vietnamese New Year takes place on Saturday, January 28th this weekend.

Get your Tết on with this Big Daddy, JustaTee, and Onionn MV. First performed on The Remix Season 2, Về Nhà Ăn Tết is still my jam. My favorite part of this MV was when the doctor pretended his phone was ringing to avoid telling his mental patient (HuyMe) that he wasn't going to be able to go home for Tết. OMG. That shit was so funny to me. I also found it funny that JustaTee didn't get his time off approved working for a foreign company. It's funny because it's true! While pretty much everyone in Vietnam gets time off from work for Tết, Western companies (e.g. companies in the US) work you to the bone. Like they care about Tết....HA! Good one. You'll just get laughed at.

I want to like singer Bảo Anh. I really do, but for some reason, her RBF just annoys me. Watching this MV, I reacted like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber.

Dry heaving girl, I feel you. I would have done the same when Bảo Anh and her LGBT crew came in uninvited to crash your rope jumping game. What a B!

This Tết/Springtime song by Nguyễn Ngọc Anh and Tô Minh Đức wins the award for slowest paced MV. Watching this music video was like watching flowers bloom or paint drying. Wait. What was that? They did show flowers blooming in this MV? I guess that just proves my point. There isn't anything wrong with slow jam songs though. I just prefer not to listen to them that often.

Dat girl Bích Phương knows how to make songs that are both nostalgic and youthful at the same time. With Bao Giờ Lấy Chồng?, Bích Phương addresses the age-old question that everyone who enters adulthood must face every time they come back home to visit their parents -- When are you getting married? It's one of those things that makes me dread going back home. No matter how old you get, when you go home, you somehow seem to fallback into your old place as a helpless kid under your parents control. The only way to get them off your case is by getting married (which equates to fully entering adulthood). But f*ck that! Why rush it?

Speaking of marriage, Tết Nguyên Đán is the third straight MV that I have seen Trương Quỳnh Anh and Tim star in together. So that had me asking, "Are they a music couple like Đông Nhi and Ông Cao Thắng?" The answer is yes! And unlike their culturally misappropriated Japanese themed MV, Tết Nguyên Đán is indeed culturally accurate. Yes, it's very common for people to litter in Vietnam. Everyone just throws their trash on the ground, and then these workers who get paid next to nothing go around sweeping everything up. That's how it works. And yes, everyone assumes you are a hardcore gang member if you are all tatted up in Vietnam.

Hoàng Yến Chibi's hair game is on fleek in this Tết MV. Tết Đã Về Hay Chưa is a really simple and straightforward MV anticipating the arrival of Tết. Tino, in my opinion, needs to stop trying to pretend he's a rapper and go full sellout mode like he does here. That boy is soft like Charmin. He ain't fooling anyone.

You're going to have to forgive me. I thought Gia Đình Là Số 1 was another Hoàng Yến Chibi song. You know...because she sounds like she's 13. Both Hoàng Yến Chibi and Tino better watch out because Bùi Hà My, a 13-year-old singer from The Voice Kid, is already shaping up to be a better singer and rapper than both of them combined. New year? New artists rising up to try and take your spot.