A new year means new challenges. Tiên Tiên and ERIK from ST.319 were two breakout Vpop stars in 2016. The true test for an artist, however, is not just having one or two hit songs but being able to stay relevant in an ever-changing industry. Looking to stay on top of their game, Tiên Tiên and ERIK both have made early January comebacks.

Đi Về Đâu is Tiên Tiên's latest MV. If your a fan of Tiên Tiên's previous works, then Đi Về Đâu should be right up your alley. Tiên Tiên's songs have always had an indie vibe to them that you don't find in typical mainstream pop songs. It's what makes Tiên Tiên so interesting to me as an artist. Her sound is quite unique in the world of Vpop. Tiên Tiên has been able to find great success as a nontraditional Vietnamese pop artist, and I hope it stays that way.

Dat boi ERIK from ST.319 is back with another panty dropper of a song. It's no secret that these super emotional ballad songs make all the ladies wet. It's almost too easy. All ERIK has to do is continue to put out these slow ballads, and he's got it made. He'll be drowning in pussy in no time. Remember his hit song Sau Tất Cả from last year? Yeah. ERIK basically went from a scrub who can get no love to pussy slayer overnight because of that song. I ain't mad. Keep doing you, bro. If you're good at singing slow ballads, then that's what you should do. Always do what you are best at. That's my motto in life.