You will be hard pressed to find anyone writing about Vietnamese rap music. It's like a fight club. You don't talk about it. Hip-hop is often misunderstood. People just don't get it. But since I'm a rap music fan, I am going to talk about it here even if no one cares.

Da LAB is back! It seems like it has been forever since they last released a new song. Even though JGKiD has been making noise in the past year with Tam Ka PKL, I'm happy to see that he is back with his Da LAB homies (Rabbit Run and MPaKK). Một Nhà by Da LAB is one of my favorite songs in recent memory. So, I have been feening to get my hands on some new Da LAB music. Đời Là Đi is their latest song, and it does a pretty satisfactory job of quenching my thirst for uplifting Viet rap.

Kill the beat! Kill, kill, kill the beat! 95Generation (95G) has quickly become one of my favorite hip-hop acts in Vietnam. I don't know if it's because I live in Atlanta or what, but I love trap music. 95G goes hard in the paint with their Southern rap, and the sounds of the Dirty South just so happens to be my favorite type of rap music to listen to. Rap cho! Rap cho! Rap cho! Prrrrrr!

Trên Người Tao Có 1 Lá by SMO of 95G is an older MV, but I never got around talking about it. I like SMO's flow here, but this video is a little too trippy for my liking. It does, however, make me want to go to an underground Viet rap concert. It's on my list of things to do the next time that I'm in Vietnam. Hard in the paint!

I don't know much about Hazard Clique, but I do know that Kimmese is da shiznit. Cái Thú is an old school style rap song, and I don't listen to much old school rap. It's not really my style. One thing I have to point out about this MV though is that they kept saying "nón lá with the gas mask, rap's back," but I didn't see a single person wearing a nón lá (conical hat) or a gas mask. Huh? That seems like an oversight.

Datmaniac of the Saigon rap group G-Family is relentless with his rhymes. I assumed Mấy Con Mèo was going to be a diss track with Datmaniac calling other people pussies; however, Mấy Con Mèo is actually a rap song about cats. I didn't see that coming. I didn't think cats were that popular in Vietnam. I see now that was a bad assumption because people love cats in VN.

Châu Á Trẻ by LDleKING is another Southern rap song that I can get behind. It's a song about being a young Asian in America. I know it all too well, yo. LDleKING, aka Trappy Donny, is a member of the Vietnamese rap group SouthGanZ from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Now living in the Houston, LDleKING is bringing both a Saigon and H-Town swag to rap music that is hard to ignore.

The G5R Squad is out to show the world just how hip-hop their squad is with Em Tao Hip Hop. These Viet homies are all about that cock fighting, card slamming, chain smoking, Heineken drinking life that is commonplace in VN. Hip-hop is about representing the street culture that you come from. Instead of dodging bullets and getting in confrontations with the police, life on the streets of Vietnam may consist of taking part in a shirtless cock fight circle. That's just how it goes.