There have been many EDM trends throughout the years. Dubstep was super popular for a minute. Trap music had it's time in the limelight. There was a big room house era. Then, there was a tropical house movement. Deep house had a run where it was the cool kid in school. Now in 2017, it seems to me that future bass and future house are the new hot EDM trend. Everybody is jumping on it like it's the new "it" girl in town.

Love Me Too is Vpop singer Đông Nhi's latest song. It utilizes a future house EDM style. One thing that I feel modern Vietnamese pop music does better than other Asian pop genres (i.e. Kpop, Jpop, etc.) is incorporating EDM into the pop music scene. In my opinion, this is due to the fact that electronic music has always had a high cultural penetration in Vietnam. Other than romantic ballads, electronic music has been popular in Vietnam for a long time now. Although large EDM festivals are a new thing in Vietnam, house music isn't. Vinahouse, or Vietnamese house, has been a staple in the Vietnamese club scene for some time. Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that Đông Nhi just put out a new future house song.