Dat boi Soobin Hoàng Sơn is back with a funky fresh new R&B song. If you're a R&B fan like me, then Đi Và Yêu is sure to make your day. R&B isn't as mainstream as it used to be, which makes me sad. Sometimes I long for the days when pop R&B artists like Justin Timberlake were dominating the music charts. Nowadays, I have to resort to listening to artists like Aaron Carter to get my fix of new R&B music. BTW that new Aaron Carter EP Fool's Gold is actually pretty lit. When a new Vpop single comes out, I usually just wait until the MV comes out before I talk about it. But since I enjoyed the lyric video for Đi Và Yêu so much, I decided to talk about it early. Đi Và Yêu shares some similarities to Soobin's recent hit song Đi Để Trở Về. So if you like that song, then you will probably like this song. Đi Và Yêu (Go And Love) is basically a more cheerful and upbeat version of Đi Để Trở Về (Go Back Home). It's one of those feels good type of songs that I can listen to all day long. So, what are you waiting for? Go and listen to Đi Và Yêu because I'm sure you will love it too. FeelsGoodMan.