Thiều Bảo Trang, one-half of the Bee.T sisters, debuts Give It To Me in a new effort to promote herself as a solo Vpop singer just like her sister Thiều Bảo Trâm, who is participating in this year's season of The Remix. The whole t.A.T.u. edgy, female duo thing never really worked out for Bee.T. Hopefully, the Bee.T sisters will find their niche and find success this time around because I like what they bring to Vpop.

I will admit that Give It To Me may not be the greatest song out there, but I appreciate the fact that someone is trying to put out music that historically hasn't been popular in the Vietnamese music scene. There's a lot of teenage bubblegum pop in American and South Korean pop music, but I have a hard time naming even one Vietnamese bubblegum pop song that is similar in style to Give It To Me. Simplistic bubblegum pop songs are my guilty pleasure, so I am all for more teenage pop music.

Side rant here. I like to joke that Karik is a soft as Charmin rapper for going pop...but hot damn! He really went pop with this one here. I remember when he did Vietnamese gangster rap about f*cking people up in the hood. Now he's doing teenage bubblegum pop songs? What had happened?