Daddy Cool is a 1970's European disco song by Boney M. Talk about old school. I'm pretty old, but even I am not old enough to remember the song Daddy Cool. But apparently, Yanbi and F.O.E. Team haven't forgotten about Daddy Cool in this new Vpop MV.

Bố Vợ is a new take on the classic disco song Daddy Cool. A lot of times, I really dislike remakes; however, I like what Yanbi and F.O.E. did with Bố Vợ here. They gave Daddy Cool a new hip-pop sound that made you forget the original song was even a disco song to begin with. I call Bố Vợ a hip-pop song because it's somewhere in between hip-hop and pop.

There's a lot of music that I would classify as hip-pop in Asian pop music. For example, PSY, Big Bang, and 2NE1 are all Kpop artists that I would call hip-pop artists. In my opinion, Bố Vợ is a song that is very similar in style to what Kpop icon PSY would release. It's kind of a fun and silly song that you don't take too seriously. Its purpose is just to get people up and dance. Life can be pretty complicated, so I am all for more upbeat Vpop songs. If you like this remake, then I would highly suggest you check out Yanbi in this year's season of The Remix where he is teamed up with female singer/rapper Yến Lê (who can be heard singing in the credit scenes of this MV).