My approval rating for Bảo Anh has been at an all-time low. But just when I thought she couldn't possibly be any dumber, she goes and does something like this...and totally redeems herself! It has been a long time since I actually enjoyed listening to a Bảo Anh song. I was ready to give up on Bảo Anh as a noteworthy Vpop singer. I was quite skeptical that a future bass Bảo Anh song would be any good. I told myself that I wouldn't be easily sold on a song that seemed to be just jumping on a hot musical trend (future bass). I don't know how the Katzilla production team did it, but they did it. This is some grade A music production right here. I assume the Katzilla team is the same production team responsible for these Mew Amazing remixes: Ừ Thì (Chillout Version) and Ừ Thì Ft Katzilla & Cam. Hot damn! These cats make some good sounding remixes!