Dat boi Isaac of 365DaBand was looking like he wasn't going to score in this MV. He was dropping the ball big time in the beginning of Anh Sẽ Về Sớm Thôi. He was out there looking like an amateur and making a mess of the situation. He really needed to be sent to the developmental league to work on his basic fundamentals. Come on! What kind of idiot can't crack an egg properly? I call foul! Yellow card that man!

But it isn't about how you start the game of life, it's about how you finish. After fumbling away some golden opportunities to score big points with the girlfriend (you know that you're in the doghouse when your picture ends up on a dartboard with darts being thrown at it), Isaac finally turned it around and scored a touchdown with a classic misdirection play. Pretending to forget about someone's birthday and then surprising them with a cake? Classic! It's the flea flicker of birthday surprises. By the end of the night, Isaac was driving hard to the basket and putting it in the hole like nobody's business.