Huỳnh James and Pjnboys have me saying "pass me the bong" in this Masew remix. Quăng Tao Cái Boong is a song about getting high, or being "phê" as the Vietnamese would say. It is a song that you can't take too seriously. It is basically the Vietnamese equivalent of Because I Got High by Afroman. Remember that song? I do. Back when I was just a young'n, that song was so damn popular. It drove me nuts! It's a tale old as time. Songs about sex and drugs always seem to be popular with the youth. Well, you can either be a killjoy, or you can just go with the flow. Even Lip B is getting in on the Quăng Tao Cái Boong act.

Lip B Is Down To Clown In This Quăng Tao Cái Boong Dance Routine