If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's what people say, and I tend to agree. Cuộc Đời Là Những Bước Chân has a very similar feel to Gửi Anh Xa Nhớ in my opinion. It has that classic old school Vietnam feel to it. All those camera shots of old French colonial buildings in Hội An will do that. Visually, Cuộc Đời Là Những Bước Chân does an excellent job in setting up a romantic melancholy mood just like Gửi Anh Xa Nhớ. And there's something about Bích Phương's singing that I find so mesmerizing. So much so that I didn't realize that the whole MV was an advertisement for Biti's shoes until the very end. I should have known though. All those close-up camera shots of feet? It seems so obvious now, but I just figured the MV director had some sort of foot fetish. Well played, Biti's. Well played.

Congratulations Biti's on 35 years of selling Vietnamese brand footwear. Given how much money that foreign shoe companies like Nike have made off of cheap Vietnamese labor, it's actually refreshing to see a domestic Vietnamese brand doing well in the industry. Man, Biti's has been handing out shoe deals to Vpop stars like their Nike signing pro athletes. M-TP has been rocking the Biti's. Dat boi Soobin has rocked some...and now Bích Phương too? Who's going to be living the shoe deal dream next? Let me take a guess here. Perhaps, Suni Hạ Linh?