Some people call me a hipster because I like to listen to music outside the mainstream. You know what I have to say to those people? On second thought, I'll let the words of Kimmese, the baddest Vietnamese MC, do the talking for me. 'Muscle in my brain is tougher than your mouth. Vigga you know why? Because I'm khác biệt (different)!' For those of you who are also khác biệt, here are some fresh new songs that don't fit the general idol music mold targeted towards the mainstream audience.

Is Vân Quỳnh, a former Vietnam Idol contestant, the Kelly Clarkson of Vpop? I'm tempted to say so because Mặc Kệ Em Đi (Leave Me Be) gives me that Kelly Clarkson vibe. It has that 'let me pretend I am better/stronger now that we have broken up but I still cry deep down inside because I'm completely scarred by this unrelenting pain' theme going for it. Vietnamese Kelly Clark in da house!

The great Vietnamese philosopher Classx once said, "Roll in her so deep, she screamed and named my fat dick 'ADELE!'" I'm not quite sure what to make of that, but science dictates that for every Kelly Clark out there, there's an equal and opposite Adele equivalent. Bích Ngọc seems to be that Vietnamese Adele equivalent. In this former Vietnam Idol contestant's first vocal powerhouse single Dream Girl, we see a clear Adele like stance in campaigning for women's empowerment. You go, girl! Show 'em who's down with the thiccness!

Speaking of women's empowerment, the poster child for Vietnamese liberalism and the indie movement, Tiên Tiên, has a new song out called Về Với Em Đi (Come Back To Me). You will be hard pressed to find someone more hip to going against modern day pop culture trends than musician Tiên Tiên. It's good to be an idol music hating hipster when you have Tiên Tiên around. Because without her, who else is going to be the V-music drug supplier? Tiên Tiên is that reliable source for good non-mainstream Viet music. FeelsGoodMan.