S.T of 365DaBand makes his return to the MV game with his latest song Em Là Của Anh, which means 'you are mine' or, more specifically, 'she is mine'. S.T first performed Em Là Của Anh (produced by Rhymastic) on this season of The Remix. In Em Là Của Anh, S.T claims the girl is his. I beg to differ. Everybody claims the girl is theirs, but is she really now? Michael Jackson says, "The doggone girl is mine." Brandy and Monica says, "I'm sorry that you seem to be confused. He belongs to me. The boy is mine!" Do you see a problem here? Everyone wants to claim that the boy/girl as theirs. I guess the only way to settle this one is by going on The Jerry Springer Show to let everyone battle it out. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!