I have never watched Disney's High School Musical or any of the sequels. I just know that it is a super popular and lucrative Disney franchise. I don't really get it, but maybe that is because I never watched the Disney channel growing up. It wasn't like my family could afford cable anyways, nor did I care to fit in with the local teeny-boppers loitering around the mall eating their soft pretzels and hanging out in the Spencer's Gifts. But I guess all the young teens these days don't actually hangout at the mall anymore since malls are dying in America. You instead find them all over Tumblr and other social media sites making a fool of themselves.

That's beside the point; getting back on topic here. The teenage market is a lucrative niche market. The upcoming Vietnamese web drama series La La School seems to be targeting that exact market. La La School will be a drama series focused on young Vietnamese students. It will incorporate musical numbers with singing and dancing similar to High School Musical. That's a pretty simple premise in my opinion, but will it work? Will Vietnamese teens watch La La School, or will they prefer to go out loitering in the streets of Nam like they always do? Only time will tell.


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