Big Daddy & Hạnh Sino from the hit song Nóng (aka Nóng Quá Đi) team up with dat boi Soobin Hoàng Sơn in Nóng Xệ Mood. You're probably asking yourself, "WTF is a 'nóng xệ' mood?" Good question. A nóng xệ mood is when it's so freaking hot outside that it makes doing anything practically impossible. And if you do have to go outside, you're just annoyed and pissed off at every possible little thing that comes your way. A nóng xệ mood is a dangerous thing to have if it goes unchecked. May I suggest a cool, refreshing Revive Chanh Muối?1

Unlike M-TP's upbeat summer themed song Bình Yên Những Phút Giây, Nóng Xệ Mood focuses on the bad side of summer -- the 39°C (~102°F) days. The oppressive heat of summer can get to anyone. Ever heard of "heat rage"? It's like road rage, but it's caused by a nóng xệ mood instead of by shitty driving. At the end of the MV, Toki from Uni5 arrives on the set with some Revive Chanh Muối to save the day. If I was Big Daddy, Soobin, or Hạnh Sino -- I would have had a full-blown case of heat rage. I would have punched both Uni5 members and screamed at both of them to get their hands out of my pocket! Their presence in the MV was completely unnecessary, but I guess Đông Nhi had to get her cut of that Pepsi money somehow.2


  1. Where's my Pepsi money? That sell out was on point! I demand a cut of that Pepsi money that everyone seems to be getting these days.

  2. Revive Chanh Muối is a PepsiCo brand product, and Uni5 is managed under Đông Nhi's company.