Season 3 of The Remix (aka The Remix New Generation) has just ended. Right now I am not going to get into how I feel about the season as a whole. I plan on doing that in another post soon. Instead, let's look at some of the performances by past The Remix alumni returning on this current season. How do they compare to the current generation of contestants? Let's find out.

Bảo Anh from season 1 of The Remix returned on episode 12 to perform her latest song In The Night. Bảo Anh is currently tiptoeing on the lines of that slut pop wave. She's a pretty attractive lady, so it does make financial sense to take that approach. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Bao Anh vs Trieu Bao Tram

Thiều Bảo Trâm is a fair comparison for Bảo Anh in my opinion since they both have that sexy diva thing going for them. In comparison, I found this Bảo Anh live performance to be rather lackluster. When I watched Thiều Bảo Trâm performed this season, I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Bảo Anh, on the other hand, just doesn't have that same magnetic charisma. In the battle of sexy divas, I'm taking Thiều Bảo Trâm every time. I want more TBT! I'm still salty that TBT got eliminated and didn't get a second chance to perform on The Remix. FeelsBadMan.

Bảo Thy and Đông Nhi are often seen as rivals since they both started their singing careers at a young age and were both active in the Vpop scene at the same time. Having battled for the title of the queen of Vpop for years and years now, the Bảo Thy vs. Đông Nhi debate continues to go on with no end in sight.

Dong Nhi vs Bao Thy

In episode 13 of The Remix, Đông Nhi returned to perform her newest song Xin Anh Đừng. I have to say that Bảo Thy got the better of Đông Nhi this time around. I'm not sure if Đông Nhi has a leg injury or what, but she didn't move an inch from where she was standing. In comparison, Bảo Thy has been killing it this season with her choreography. She has been going all out with it -- doing aerial maneuvers, spinning around like a maniac, etc. It's like all that Pepsi money Đông Nhi is getting these days is making her fat and complacent while Bảo Thy has a hunger in her belly that hasn't subsided due to all the struggle sandwiches that she has been eating. I expected more from the winner of the first season of The Remix. Bảo Thy > Đông Nhi?

Dat boi Soobin Hoàng Sơn is back! In episode 14, Soobin returned to perform a remix/fusion of some of his old songs. Show me! Let me show you! Soobin actually came back prepared to give the audience a proper show unlike Bảo Anh and Đông Nhi. Out of all the guest performances, it is my opinion that Soobin did the best job. He may not have won The Remix in season 2, but he is the champion of returning The Remix guest performers in my eyes.

S.T vs Soobin Hoang Son

To compare him to a current season 3 contestant, I would say S.T is the obvious choice. Both are male singers who are above average dancers. Both are hip to modern musical styles that are popular with the younger audience. Both take a similar approach in their fashion choices, dance choreography, and general stage command. Most importantly, both were able to able win over numerous fans and are arguably the people's champions even though both fell short of winning it all. Personally, I like Soobin better. He's dat boi!

Noo Phước Thịnh, winner of The Remix in 2016, made a guest appearance performing a remixed version of Mình Thích Thì Mình Yêu Thôi on episode 15. Like how I felt about Thiều Bảo Trâm performing Bay Theo Ngân Hà, I found this version of Mình Thích Thì Mình Yêu Thôi to be so much better without Hồ Ngọc Hà in it. I simply don't like Hồ Hà. To put it in Vietnamese terms, "mình không thích thì mình ghét thôi."

Mai Tien Dung vs Noo Phuoc Thịnh

Noo Phước Thịnh was known more for being a classic ballad singer before he entered into The Remix. Similarly, singer Mai Tiến Dũng is more of a vocalist than he is a dance pop artist. Mai Tiến Dũng also has a certain penchant for eccentric clothing and long coats/capes much like Noo Phước Thịnh. Therefore, it is my opinion that Mai Tiến Dũng is this season's Noo Phước Thịnh. MTD is basically a lesser version of Noo when it comes to epic The Remix live performances. MTD = budget Noo. Noo has that Shinsuke Nakamura level of swag. It's hard to compete with that. That's why I like to refer to Noo Phước Thịnh as Mr. No F*cks Given. Swag levels through the roof!