TT, why you do this to me? As much as I like Tóc Tiên, I'm totally not down with this latest TT song. Walk Away is trying to sell itself as a hip, sexy, and super chic song. However, it ended up being a rather generic and standard EDM pop song. It was as if Onionn made a pretty decent trap beat, and someone figured that they could make a quick buck by commercializing it into what we have here.

Walk Away is like that kid in school that tries too hard to be cool but ends up being totally not cool. Walk Away has the problem of trying too hard to be "urban" and trendy that made the whole MV feel contrived and forced. TT is basically pulling a Miley Cyrus here (appropriating hip-hop for personal gain and mainstream fame), which isn't all that cool in my eyes.

Walk Away is essentially Break The Rules version 2. I wasn't a huge fan of that song either. Break The Rules caused me to question my Minh Hằng fandom. Now TT is falling into that same trap of trying to chase success by exploiting hip-hop culture. It's a trap! Don't do it! Just walk away! Even though I generally don't like slow ballad songs, I would rather have another Em Không Là Duy Nhất than this misguided attempt of a club banger.