Min and Mr. A team up once again for another song in Có Em Chờ. Team Min x Mr. A has had a pretty solid record when it comes to putting out hit Vpop songs. Who can forget songs like Tìm and Luôn Bên Anh? If you are a fan of those songs, then I would imagine that you would also enjoy this latest Min x Mr. A work. Có Em Chờ is essentially a continuation of what made those songs worked. It's another smooth sounding pop ballad love song with a little bit of Mr. A ruggedness thrown into the mix to give it that Ja Rule R&B feel. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then google "Ja Rule Aziz Ansari." It's MURDAAA!!! Team Min x Mr. A is out here trying to dominate the Vpop game like they're Ja Rule and Ashanti from the early 2000's.