When it comes to Vietnamese rap music, Wowy is a name that you can't ignore. I consider him to be one of the O.G.'s (original gangsters) of the underground Viet rap scene. While some rappers are now taking a more mainstream approach *cough* Karik *cough*, Wowy continues to keep it gangster. He sometimes can be Kanye-esque (brash and outspoken), but that is what makes him so great as a rap artist.

Hip-hop is a counter-culture that often rallies against the established norms of society. Hip-hop is often about fighting against the oppressive nature of being forced to fit neatly into society, which is often hypocritical, rigid, and discriminatory in nature, at the cost of one's true self. Hip-hop celebrates individualism rather than conforming to popular opinion. If there's a Vietnamese rapper that embodies the spirit of hip-hop better than anyone else, it's Wowy.

With Kẻ Tội Đồ (Sinner), Wowy is pushing the limits of what Vietnamese artists can get away with. I'm sure there are people out there that would love nothing more than to censor the $#!T out of this MV. But like popular American rapper Eminem, Wowy seems to be publicly opening himself up to censorship and controversy by committing sacrilege with Kẻ Tội Đồ's dark religious tone.

Horrorcore may not be the most popular form of hip-hop, but Wowy is making good use of it here in Kẻ Tội Đồ. Thematically, Kẻ Tội Đồ has a Tech N9ne horrorcore feel to it. As a Tech N9ne fan, I like that. It's nice to see Wowy keep it gangster and not sellout to mainstream media like everyone else. Well...there was that one time when he did go full Karik sellout mode. The biggest sin that Wowy has ever committed was when he joined Hoàng Thùy Linh in the Vpop song Just You.1 I don't ever want to see Wowy stoop to that level ever again. Now that was truly horrific.

Who is the bigger sinner?


  1. Here I am poking fun of Wowy for sinning and being featured on a HTL pop song. Ironically, HTL has her own song in which she talks about being a sinner. That's so funny to me. I'm a sinner!