Former ST.319 artists Min and Erik have join forces with hit maker Khắc Hưng to form a 3-under-30 super team in Ghen. 24-year-old producer Khắc Hưng has been on that Vpop grind for a while now with numerous hit songs created for many of today's top Vpop artists. If you are a ST.319 fan, then you for sure have heard his work. Here's a quick list of some of his songs:

  • Baby Baby (MONSTAR)
  • Turn It Up (MONSTAR)
  • Sau Tất Cả (Erik)
  • Tìm (Min)
  • Yêu (Min)
  • Up To You (Min)
  • Take Me Away (Min)

Some of the other young Vpop artists that Khắc Hưng has worked with include Suni Hạ Linh, Isaac, Hòa Minzy, Trọng Hiếu, and Miu Lê. That is a serious laundry list of Vpop talent right there. Needless to say, Khắc Hưng is no joke when it comes to making Vpop chart toppers. With the two biggest stars to come out of the ST.319 management company to date and Khắc Hưng on board, Ghen has a very good chance to top the Vpop music charts this summer and make every other Vpop musician "ghen" (jealous), or as the young Viet kids say these days...GATO.1

Random MV Thoughts

  • When did Erik become an eccentric-suit-wearing, bat-carrying, katana-wielding, seafood-slicing, yakuza gangster with a knack for breaking vases and chandeliers like he's a Belmont from Castlevania?
  • How did Min end up on top of a chandelier? Was it the result of telekinetic levitation?
  • When did Min become the 2nd ranked most powerful S-Class hero in the One Punch Man universe known as the Tornado of Terror -- Tatsumaki? Could she defeat One Slap Man in a 1v1 fight?
  • How pissed off does a woman need to be to go from throwing darts at a picture of you (like in Isaac's Anh Sẽ Về Sớm Thôi MV) to actually throwing darts at you IRL?
  • If Min popped 3 balloons, à la Mario Kart, would it have been game over for Erik?
  • Did Erik stop himself from slapping Min at the last minute, or did Min refuse to be the victim of domestic violence and telekinetically block the incoming blow herself?
  • Did the Asian person with the blonde dreadlock extensions ever make it back home after quantum leaping from Châu Đăng Khoa's Crazy MV to Tóc Tiên's Walk Away MV to this one?
  • Will the random white guy with the Bleach-Arrancar-style-numbered "tha thu" (tattoo) on his chest ever reach Espada status?
  • Was Erik still getting cucked by the white devil after all that fighting that took place in this MV, or was that final scene of Erik paying for Em Chưa 18 tickets with Vietnamese mobile payment platform MoMo a before flashback shot that led to the fighting in the first place?


  1. GATO is a Vietnamese acronym for "ghen ăn tức ở," which basically describes a situation where a hater will hate on others out of pure jealousy.