"Monday is funday!" said no one ever. No one ever goes to bed on a Sunday night and wakes up on Monday morning to say, "Thank God! It's Monday!" That's insanity. What kind of person would say such a thing? Possibly some sort of former boy band member riding high off his solo success on The Remix New Generation? Yup, S.T of 365 is that dude cashing in on his recent rise in popularity. With all these foreign beverage companies throwing money around like they're Juicy J in a strip club, who can blame him? I would say, "Monday is funday!" too if someone paid me enough money. Until then, I will just continue on waking up on Monday mornings asking myself, "Should I blast myself?".

S.T isn't the only one hustling Lipton tea to the Vietnamese general population through a Monday morning pick-me-up song. In La La Ngày Mới, singer Bích Phương wards off the early morning blues with a cup of Lipton tea. Somehow Bích Phương continues on having a "good good morning" even when dealing with the everyday drudgery of rush hour traffic, being tired, work, etc. If only drinking tea actually did work this well to lift one's spirits, then perhaps people wouldn't have to resort to drugs and alcohol. Unlike Bích Phương, I am forever the cynicist and a total asshole. I'm that dude that won't stop for a traffic cop. I mean...what is he going to do? Kung fu kick me off my bike like that Hanoi cop? I doubt it.

Not everyone can get a cut of that sweet, sweet Pepsi money like Đông Nhi, S.T, and Bích Phương.1 Instead of getting in on the beverage selling game, there's also the motorbike selling hustle. Much like Vpop singer Minh Hằng with Yamaha, Hoàng Yến Chibi is now selling bikes. HoLa motorbikes to be exact. HoLa Ngày Mới like La La Ngày Mới is another cheerful and optimistic Vpop CM targeted towards the next generation of Vietnamese consumers. My advice to Hoàng Yến Chibi...watch your back! Suni Hạ Linh is cleaning up in the Vpop youth advertisement game right now, and there's no telling when she will decide to get in on your current hustle, thus making you expendable. But that's just my opinion as a cynicist though.


  1. Lipton is a PepsiCo brand.