Guess what, I've got a fever and the only prescription is more Lạc Trôi. Lạc Trôi fever has been spreading since Sơn Tùng M-TP first unleashed his new single to the world at the beginning of 2017. It quickly became a hit, and fans went online to share their own versions of Lạc Trôi in the form of remixes and covers. For this Mix It Up Mondays song of the week, we have not just one but multiple remixes and covers of Lạc Trôi. No matter what the instrument, I think the internet has proven that Lạc Trôi is an amazing sounding Vpop song. All we need now is a cowbell version of Lạc Trôi.

D.Baola & Darrys -- EDM Remix

Igor Presnyakov -- Fingerstyle Guitar Cover

Trọng Hiếu -- Sáo Trúc (Bamboo Flute) Cover

Tú Đội -- Cajon Cover

Guitar & Sáo Trúc & Cajon Cover

Tùng Acoustic Ft FatB -- Guitar & Violin Cover

Vu Lee -- Piano Cover

Tien Vivy -- Đàn Tranh (Vietnamese Zither) Cover