Model Châu Bùi is on the come up. First, she was named the New Face of 2016 by Gala We Choice Awards. Then, she starred in the record breaking Vietnamese movie Em Chưa 18. There's no stopping this internet "hot girl" now! Everywhere you look, there she is.

Châu Bùi has the secret recipe to success, and she wasted no time returning to da lab to cook up some of that Heisenberg special blue magic in Từ Ngày Em Đến that keeps you coming back for some more like a starved and desperate Oliver Twist asking for a second helping. Please, sir, I want some more...More!? Well, you're going to get some more Châu Bùi thanks to Da LAB. I'm a big fan of the song Một Nhà by Da LAB. However, I'm not a fan of how they dress themselves. It was like Da LAB didn't even change from their comfy lounging-around-at-home clothes when they arrived on set to shoot this MV. I guess that's why they decided that they needed to feature a popular internet fashionista in this MV. Châu Bùi provides the eye candy while Da LAB continues on looking like bums. It sort of makes sense...

Da LAB for sure don't have the look to succeed in the fashion industry. Therefore, it makes sense that they would leave the modeling to the real professionals. In the promotional video My Perfect Look for Aquafina, everybody's favorite fashionista Châu Bùi makes an appearance wearing a heavy metal jacket. Do Vietnamese people even know what Slipknot is? Probably not. It doesn't really matter anyways when you're looking good and feeling good. Feeling good like when I listen to the Kygo Remix of Ed Sheeran's I See Fire, which this SlimV produced song reminds me of. ♫ Now I see fashionistas! Inside these MVs!

Since Châu Bùi is everywhere these days, it feels like I know everything about her. You can tell that she's doing stuff related to fashion by looking at her...Honestly, I love watching her more than talking about her work...So let's skip this part...Because it's starting to get a little creepy like the above "Fashion Film" -- I Know Her. BTW, a secret is no longer a secret when you done told everyone about it. If you didn't know about Châu Bùi before, now you know her.