Want to know how to count to 4 in Vietnamese? Well, you're in luck because 1234 by Vpop singer Chi Dân will have you counting to 4 in Vietnamese in no time. Counting in Vietnamese is easy as saying một, hai, ba, bốn. Like Count von Count from Sesame Street, Chi Dân shows an obsessive behavior with counting here in this MV. He counts the reasons why things didn't work out and days since splitting up with his ex-girlfriend. This may not be the best thing to do when you are trying to move on from a bad breakup in my personal opinion. You are just 1234 steps away from becoming a crazy stalker by obsessing over the past. Keep it moving, and move on. A clean break is always better IMO. Ultimately, the theme of this MV is exactly that. It is that breakups are hard to get over. Lingering feelings somehow find a way to creep into your thoughts uninvited like an annoying little itch in your brain that you can't get rid of.