SpaceBoys in da house! It's been a while since JustaTee has been on the mic. It seems like he has been spending most of his time composing songs these days rather than being an actual singer. Dat boi Soobin, however, has been working the mic like a drunken Asian man who refuses to give up the karaoke mic. Seriously, Soobin Hoàng Sơn has been putting in major work this year. Mister "Show me! Let me show you!" Soobin has been showing out! That is for sure.

Speaking of showing out, Miss "Let me show you what I can do!" MLee makes a special guest appearance in this Cocobay sponsored MV. What is Cocobay? Apparently, Cocobay is Cristiano Ronaldo's home in Vietnam. In short, Cocobay is a new fancy pants luxury hotel in Da Nang that just opened up this year.

No wonder Soobin has been hustling so hard this year. It all makes sense now. He's trying to get paid, so he can blow it all on fancy hotel suites. As the Juice Man J likes to say, "Every time I go out, you know I gotta show out."