My homegirl Bích Phương knows what's up. BP is one of the best in the business -- a top-tier, genre-defining talent that is taking Vpop to a whole 'nother level. Recently, BP held a press conference to announce the 1st MV of a 3 part project dubbed "Việt Nam - Việt Nam". The goal of this project is to show the world the beauty of Vietnam. It's an ambitious passion project co-signed/funded by gal pal Tiên Cookie (CEO of 1989s Production).

Project "Việt Nam - Việt Nam" is being self-funded. Rather than relying on brands for funding, BP said -- thanks but no thanks -- and took a page from the book of MLee and said -- let me show you what I can do! Touché, I can respect that. There's only so many ways to frame a shot of someone tying their Biti's shoes or dropping their Samsung cellphone in the water. Yeah, good for her for saying no to all that sweet, sweet ad money. Instead, BP wanted the creative freedom to fully express the beauty of Vietnam through her own vision.

If Nói Thương Nhau Thì Đừng Làm Trái Tim Em Đau is any indication of things to come, then I think BP made the right choice here. I would personally say that Nói Thương is the 2nd best Vpop MV of 2017 right now. My top 3 MVs are Lac Troi, Nói Thương, and then Ghen.

Produced by DJ DuongK and composed by Phạm Thanh Hà, who is responsible for past hit songs like Rằng Em Mãi Ở Bên and Tình Yêu Màu Nắng, Nói Thương is a wonderful mixture of modern electronic dance music with traditional Vietnamese sounds. Personally, I love it! I'm all about mixing the old with the new and taking everything that you know to create something totally unique and different. Sometimes it doesn't work, but when everything does come feels amazing!

I also appreciate the fact that this MV highlights an ethnic minority in Vietnam. As a Vietnamese-American, I definitely understand the feeling of being a minority in the US. Therefore, I can appreciate it when an ethnic minority gets some recognition. It's nice to see the Dao culture of northern Vietnam represented here.

It's songs like this that make me feel that BP is on a whole 'nother level above some of her Vpop peers. Now, I'm hyped for these two other "Việt Nam - Việt Nam" MVs to come out. My hype level right now is equivalent to an ARPG nerd waiting for a 10 Act expansion. My only criticism here is -- why is the song title so long?