The boy Tronie is still living that solo hustle life. As the first 365DaBand member to go solo, you would think that Tronie would have the upper hand in the solo artist game compare to his fellow ex-365DaBand mates. Instead, it looks like Tronie hasn't graduated from the struggle just yet. Comparatively -- Isaac, Jun, Will, and ST are all feasting with their sponsored big budget MVs, movie appearances, and whatnot while Tronie is left behind still eating struggle sandwiches.

It's pretty obvious from watching Tronie's latest MV Ai Khiến Em Như Vậy that Tronie Ngô doesn't have the same budget to work with that someone like Isaac does. As much as I like this latest Tronie song, I have a hard time watching this MV. It was like they got some college film students and gave them one weekend to shoot and edit the entire video. The filter effects that they used in this MV were absolutely atrocious! The only saving grace of this MV is the top-notch music production by Daniel Mastro. In the end, that is all I really care about. I would rather have a Vpop MV looking like amateur hour than sounding like amateur hour.