Yêu Đi, Đừng Sợ (with the English title being Kiss And Spell) is a new Vietnamese rom-com from South Korean movie company CJ Entertainment coming out this August. Like all good modern Vietnamese rom-com should, Yêu Đi, Đừng Sợ is getting the hype train started by releasing OST MVs.

Only C, the boy bánh bèo, is back with another emotional pop ballad about the heartache of love. He is so good at putting out these love themed pop ballads. Every Vietnamese rom-com film director must have his number on speed dial when they need a new, teary-eyed song to put into their movie. Dude is cornering the market. He's almost monopolizing the rom-com market as badly as Ngô Kiến Huy is. Seriously, wasn't Ngô Kiến Huy just in a much hyped rom-com movie that was released last month? Now he's in another one coming out this month? What? How does that work? I figure the Vietnamese audience would eventually think to themselves, "F*ck! Not this guy again!" But I guess overexposure isn't a problem in Vietnam, or maybe the Vietnamese really like this Ngô Kiến Huy guy?

If Yêu Đi Đừng Sợ by Only C is a little too emo for your taste, then perhaps Yêu Em Trọn Đời performed by Ngô Kiến Huy might peak your interest. Compared to the first song, Yêu Em Trọn Đời is a much more upbeat and youthful song. Generally, I like to listen to more upbeat songs in my life. In this case, however, I am going to have to go with the slower classic American 90's r&b style of song that Yêu Đi Đừng Sợ has going for it. Yêu Em Trọn Đời is just a rehash of the same song by Only C from 2016. Maybe I'm just a Ngô Kiến Huy hater. I don't really find him all that appealing. But I'll tell you this...I Swear by the moon and stars in the sky that although we've come to the End Of The Road, still I can't let go of listening to classic 90's r&b.