I still think that Thiều Bảo Trâm got robbed in her The Remix debut. I feel like I have to go full Kanye West here and say, "Yo, Bảo Thy, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but Thiều Bảo Trâm had one of the best performances of all time! One of the best performances of all time on The Remix!" Moreover, I do not understand how TBT didn't get invited back when other contestants like ST and Lip B were given a second chance to return to the show. At this point, I feel like the powers that control the Viet show business just don't want to see TBT succeed.

Umm. I must have missed the Michelle Phan makeup tutorial on how to apply sprinkles to your face.

In my opinion, TBT has the highest ceiling of any new Vpop artist. She has the whole package. It's not only having the right look, singing, or dancing ability; but it's the intangibles. It's the things that you can't teach -- things like charm, charisma, attitude, fashion sense, and stage presence. When I watched TBT on The Remix, I got that same feeling that I got when I first saw artists like Sơn Tùng M-TP, Taeyang, and HyunA perform. I believe that TBT has the potential to not only be great but to be the next Vietnamese pop icon.

These girls must be poor. They can't afford clothes.

But I guess I'm the only one that feels this way about Thiều Bảo Trâm because everyone seems to want to keep TBT down. I'm still pissed that judges on The Remix robbed us of more amazing performances by TBT. Now that an official TBT solo MV is finally upon us, I couldn't be happier. I just want more TBT. I believe Cơn Mơ Ngọt Ngào is TBT's first official MV since the Bee.T sisters (Thiều Bảo Trang & Thiều Bảo Trâm) went their separate ways.

Whatever it is. TBT looks good frolicking in it. I just hope she doesn't have sensitive skin.

Cơn Mơ Ngọt Ngào may not be the most original MV ever, but it gets a lot of things right and is a pretty decent launching point to make a solo comeback. If you took the best elements of a Jessica Jung or a Taeyeon MV and a HyunA MV, you might end up with something like Cơn Mơ Ngọt Ngào. That's okay with me because I just so happen to like some of those artists. In Cơn Mơ Ngọt Ngào, TBT displays a Jessica-like blonde valley girl charm with the sexy sassiness of a HyunA. What DreamS video director Gin Tran makes up for his lack of originality here is the ability to deliver an extremely polished and professional looking end product. That in itself is a skill. The ability to execute a plan is a lot of times more valuable than coming up with the idea itself.

Show me! Let me show you!

Some Sky (M-TP fan club) members may not like hearing this, but I see Thiều Bảo Trâm as the female version of Sơn Tùng M-TP. The acronym M-TP is supposed to stand for music, talent, and style. I believe TBT has all three of those ingredients and could become the next big thing. Sky members are already on a mission to prevent that from happening since they view TBT's close friendship (and possibly intimate relationship if you were to believe the internet) with M-TP to be a threat to their fandom. Personally, I'm not too worried about a few misguided M-TP fanatics. Their dislike for TBT isn't going stop me from boarding the TBT hype train. I'll be the first person on that train and will be more than happy to steer the TBT bandwagon. ♫ Sweet dreams are made of this. Who am I to disagree? ♫ I'd let TBT use and abuse me any day of the week.