Recently, I have been feeling very unmotivated. Is it the onset of crippling depression? Is it your average bad day? I don't know....but unlike Tanaka Alice, I can't seem to say, "bad day, so what," and shake it off. There's just something about the end of summer and the onset of fall/winter that gets to me every year. It's got me feeling down in the dumps and lifeless like the mannequin that Tóc Tiên plays in her latest MV Hôm Nay Tôi Cô Đơn Quá. You could say that I'm feeling "cô đơn" (lonely) these days. FeelsBadMan.

BTW, for readers who are interested in getting the latest Vpop MVs, I have a Pinterest board here where I collect all the newest Vpop MVs that I might happen to talk about in the future. Sometimes I never get around to talking about all the latest MVs because I'm either too busy to talk about them or I might feel that I have nothing interesting to say about a particular MV.