It's been a while since our last Mix It Up Mondays. To make up for it, this week will be a special double song Mix It Up Mondays. Also, I just couldn't decide which song to I cheated and picked both like I was ordering from a McPick 2 menu.

It's very common to see multiple DJs collaborating together to release songs in the EDM scene. It is my opinion that DJs often do this to increase their exposure. Quite often, one DJ's signature style/sound will overshadow the other, making the second DJ's presence insignificant. However, Em Ơi Cứ Vui is a good example of a collaborative EDM song that works. Touliver and SlimV are two of the hottest producers in VN right now, and I can definitely hear both of their influences in this song. Em Ơi Cứ Vui has both the catchy melodies and slick build ups that I would expect from a SlimV song and the grungy electronic deep bass drops of a Touliver song. To top things off, we also get the soothing vocals of a mysterious female singer. FeelsGoodMan.

This next song also features the vocals of a lesser-known Vietnamese singer. Produced by rising star Onionn, 3 Phút has a nice modern, urban sound to it that only a person with a fresh pair of eyes and ears can come up with. When it comes to hip-hop beats, Onionn is clearly one of the best producers in VN right now. However, I don't think the industry knows how to commercialize his talents into a successful mainstream hit. Hip-hop doesn't have the same appeal in Vietnam that it does in the States. When big name Vpop artists have worked with Onionn (e.g. Tóc Tiên in Walk Away), it has been quite underwhelming. Now that he's back working with underground singer marzuz in this r&b banger, Onionn is once again showing the world his true genius as a music producer. FeelsAmazingMan.