After listening to September Flower -- the newest SpaceSpeakers song featuring Touliver, Rhymastic, and Trà My Idol -- I had one question that I needed answered. What the F does "feeling like a September flower" even mean?! My first thought was maybe Trà My is saying that she is a late bloomer since flowers usually bloom in the spring and die out when it gets cold in the fall. Since I'm no florist, I decided to use this thing called Google to look up flowers that bloom late into the fall. Interestingly, I found out that there's something known as birth flowers for each month in the year kind of like how there are animals associated with your year of birth in the Chinese zodiac. Sure, the Chinese zodiac and the Western zodiac based off Greek astrology are two popular means in which to characterize a person, but there's even a floral system too? WHAT? That's crazy!

For the month of September there are two birth flowers -- the aster and the morning glory. According to Wikipedia, the September flower symbolizes daintiness, love, and magic. Well then, the line "feeling like a September flower" suddenly makes a lot more sense given the fact that a September flower represents deep love and affection. Another interesting realization that I had because of this song is that flowers are delicious. Let me explain. Have you ever eaten rau muống stir-tried with garlic and nước mắm? Even though it's a very simple and common dish in Vietnam, I find it to be absolutely delicious!

Usually, you can find them in full bloom in the early morning.

Rau muống is commonly known as water spinach in the US. It can also be called it's other name -- morning glory. Wait a minute...isn't morning glory a September flower? If that's the case, then that means rau muống is a flower? For some reason, it never occurred to me that rau muống could possibly blossom into flowers, but it can. The green leaves and shoots are commonly used in Vietnamese cooking, but I have never seen morning glory in it's natural habitat. That means Trà My Idol is essentially singing about feeling like a hoa rau muống in this song...interesting...I can see why they went with September flower instead. Morning glory (aka rau muống), although delicious to eat, doesn't have the same ring to it that September flower has. Yeah, a romantic deep house song about rau muống definitely wouldn't work....or would it?