DreamS Entertainment seems to be banking on promoting new fresh faces to make their mark in the Vpop industry. First, there was Suni Hạ Linh. Then, there was Cara. Now, DreamS is debuting a new male solo artist with the stage name JSOL.

For JSOL's debut song, DreamS recruited producer/composer/singer Rhymastic to create one of his soulful ballads that ya boi Rhymastic has shown he has a knack for. Like the song title suggests, Lặng is a very gentle and calming song. It is a song about the passing of the fall season and the deep longing of one's heart.

What I like about Lặng is that it has that epic feel of a JJ Lin song. For those of you unfamiliar JJ Lin, he is a Singaporean Mandopop superstar who likes to go heavy on the piano. The piano just so happens to be my favorite instrument. Therefore, I am a fan of songs like Lặng that utilize a good dosage of the piano and other classic instruments. It's a little too early to predict what kind of artist that JSOL will be. However, if he turns out to be the Vietnamese version of JJ Lin, then I'm cool with that. JJ Lin is pretty awesome IMO.