Like BFF Tóc Tiên, singer Mai Tiến Dũng began his music career singing on the popular Viet Kieu Thúy Nga Paris By Night series. Nowadays, you could say that MTD is looking to return to his roots. Appearing on this year's season of The Remix, MTD seems to be ready to abandon the sinking ship known as PBN for the greener rice paddies found in Vietnam -- MTD's country of birth.

Following the lead of PBN singing buddy Tóc Tiên, MTD chopped off his long hair from his younger days in favor of a cleaner, more serious look. MTD went from looking like Rufio from the children's movie Hook to looking like the love child of Donnie Yen and Jet Li. I guess MTD is done playing pretend with the Lost Boys of Neverland. Like a scene out of the movie The Man From Nowhere, MTD looks ready to kick some serious ass now that he's all suited up with a fresh cut.

The Evolution Of Mai Tiến Dũng

It's hard to know where life will take you. MTD went from being born in Vietnam to moving to the US to now being back in Vietnam trying to break into the Vietnamese music market. Therefore, it seems fitting that MTD's first Vpop MV professionally produced and shot for the audience in Vietnam is titled Vì Đời Là Thế Mà (Because Life Is Like That). Life is strange. No, I'm not talking about the video game here. Life, in general, is a strange thing. It's an unpredictable and mysterious thing just like love. There's no use trying to explain it. Instead, just do what the French do -- shrug your shoulders and say, "C'est la vie." That's life. Vì đời là thế mà...