Nothing is more popular in Vietnam than a nice, somber slow jam. It's no secret that the Vietnamese love listening to nhạc buồn (sad songs) like some sort of misunderstood, self-loathing edgy teenager. Why do people love to torture themselves so? I don't know, but here are some new Vietnamese slow jams to cry yourself to sleep to -- if that's your sort of thing. This is a judgement free zone after all. Some people cry to release their pent-up emotions; others like to simply drink their miseries away. I do both -- all the while listening to the slowest of jams to soothe the soul.

HER is a Vietnamese girl group consisting of three sisters (not actual sisters related by blood, but three females) who all play musical instruments and have a passion for music. Like the Mandopop group with an acronym for a female pronoun S.H.E and the old school Kpop girl group S.E.S, the girls of HER hope to prove that 3 is the magic number in their no boys allowed club. Okay, maybe some boys are allowed in so long as they are non-threatening and feminine enough to pass as girls if need be. In the song Điều Buồn Nhất, HER collaborated with singers Kai Đinh and Grey-D because I hear kids these days are all about that Yaoi life. And in this second single (Mùa Hè Vị Trái Cây) off of their debut album, HER is once again working with the androgynous singer/songwriter known for his sentimental pop ballads. The boy/girl Kai Đinh knows how to really dial up the melancholy in his songs. Summer lovin' had me a blast...Summer lovin' happened so fast...RIP summer. FeelsBadMan.

Linh Cáo might be best known as the female voice that supplies the melancholy in rapper Đen Vâu's songs. Like a bird freed from it's cage, watch Linh Cáo stretch her vocal wings in this new MV sans Đen Vâu. "If you love something, let it go," they said. Well, what happens when they fly away and never come back? Hello darkness, my old friend...Alone, yet again. FeelsBadMan.

Singer Phương Ly in her new song Mặt Trời Của Em gets some much needed assistance from Mr. "Forever Alone" Just-Just-Just-JustaTee in this next MV. Co-composed by the god of melancholy himself, Kai Đinh, Mặt Trời Của Em is a song that leaves me feeling blue. I'm blue da ba dee da ba daa because JustaTee decided to blue ball all his fans by teasing his new song Đã Lỡ Yêu Em Nhiều (I Miss You So Much) that he said he was going to release in October but then pushed back to November. FeelsJebaitedMan.

Speaking of songs about missing someone, this next song may be the most upbeat sounding song out of all the songs on this list. But compared to Lê Thiện Hiếu's breakout song Ông Bà Anh, this song is pretty darn depressing. Lê Thiện Hiếu is best known for appearing on the singing competition Sing My Song. His song Ông Bà Anh is quite popular for it's feel good love story about his grandparents' romance. If you dial the happiness meter down a bit, you would get Lê Thiện Hiếu second song Người Ta Và Anh -- a song about how he chases after love while other people chase after money. Now continue dialing down the happiness levels and you will get Lê Thiện Hiếu latest song Nhớ (Miss You So). Lê Thiện Hiếu songs seem to be getting more depressing and darker by the day just like the weather outside in the US. FeelsBadMan.