Come on LIME, let's go party. Don't you just hate it when some punk kid bumps into you while you are trying to serve a platter of half-eaten Toaster Strudels? No? Never happened to you? How about dealing with entitled customers? Yeah, working retail sucks. The customer is always right except for when they are not. How about being yelled at on the set on a film/commercial/TV shoot? No? Yeah, that last one doesn't seem like a likely scenario that a regular person would deal with in their daily life. If the concept of this MV was partying hard to forget the stress of everyday life, then Ivone has got it made in this MV compared to the other two girls. If she was the production assistant holding the lighting fixtures or the makeup artist who gets treated like crap, then it would be a different story. But, what is she here? A model? Pop idol? Actress? That doesn't seem so bad.

The holiday season is just around the corner, and the girls of LIME are trying to get the party started early with their new song Party Girlz. Holiday! Celebrate! Sorry. Every time I hear someone randomly scream out "Holiday!" I just instinctively have to respond with a "Celebrate!" Perhaps I am showing my age here, but this new LIME song totally reminds me of Madonna's old school dance song Holiday. I would describe Party Girlz as a song that combines the old school dance elements of Madonna's Holiday and Aqua's Barbie Girl with a pinch of modern day Kpop flare. That probably explains why I like this LIME song so much since I'm a sucker for old school dance tracks. ♫ Holiday! Celebrate! Holiday, celebration. Come together in every nation...

Random MV Thoughts

  • The dude in the astronaut costume must have just gotten back from a Hardwell EDM concert. Dude is going hard!
  • Vietnamese people sure do love to slam down their cards in card games like Tiến Lên (Thirteen). I guess if you're not slamming down your UNO cards like you are playing a game of Pogs, then you're not playing cards in true Viet fashion.
  • Playing PS1 in 2017. LUL
  • Is the hand heart the new Asian peace sign?
  • I can't decide which f(x) member Ivone reminds me of the most in this MV. Sulli, Victoria, or Luna? I'm leaning towards Sulli.
  • You know a girl is pissed when she's throwing darts at a picture of a guy on a dart board. Didn't you know? That's the universal sign. See Ghen.
  • Who was on that dart board anyways? Mew Amazing? MC Mong?
  • "Nerdy" Asian guy with glasses disappears like he's Will from Stranger Things, and no one gives a shit. Instead, random foreign dude gets all the attention as soon as he walks into the room. FeelsAsianMan.