Khánh Vũ KVD, a popular actor on the teenage drama series La La School, is making his debut as a rookie singer with the help of music producer Masew. Vietnamese producer Masew has been making plenty of noise recently in the Vietnamese music scene with his hit song Túy Âm. In Xóa Sạch Hết (Wipe Clean Everything), Masew brings a touch of his EDM magic to what could have been a standard Vietnamese pop ballad song.

There hasn't been much internet hype surrounding KVD's debut. So, I have to ask. Will Khánh Vũ KVD's Korean pretty boy looks (see Lee Jong-suk) and Masew's newfound EDM fame be enough to jump-start the birth of a new Vpop star? I don't know, but I do know that you should "xóa sạch hết đi" your internet browser history if you're looking at stuff worse than horses. Shout-outs to Key and Peele. That's my jam!