The got me.

JustaTee is once again proving that he's Mr. Forever Alone. In his latest MV Đã Lỡ Yêu Em Nhiều, the boy JustaTee just can't catch a break. This time around, he has his heart taken hostage by the predatory humanoid creature known as Phương Ly. Trapped in the cold, dark upside down world of unrequited love, Will Byers I mean a young JustaTee passes the time by singing to himself the songs from an old mixtape that his older brother once gave him. Although there in physical form, he just can't seem to interact with the outside world. It is as if he's stuck in another dimension, invisible to the people that he loves. Using childhood ingenuity, JustaTee tries his best to communicate his heart to the one that he loves. However, he's going to need a lot more than the quadratic formula and modern science to break free from this foreboding darkness that has consumed his soul. Perhaps, he should befriend a psychokinetic 12-year-old, who grows up to be an edgy teenager with daddy issues, to help him defeat this inter-dimensional entity from the beyond. It's either that or some hot lovin' that he needs to get some sweet release from this mind-muckery that has taken control of his actions. But, what do I know? I've only seen some Stranger Things than this thing called love.

Random MV Thoughts

  • Based on the true story of my teenage years is more grammatically correct. "Teenage" is an adjective, so there needs to be a noun following the word teenage in the opening message of this MV.
  • I don't like Vietnamese bathrooms where the ENTIRE bathroom is the shower! I understand that things need to be more compact and efficient in Vietnam, but having to walk into a puddle of water every time you need to use the toilet is slightly annoying. On the plus side, I guess you could shit and shower at the same time if you wanted to.
  • Life is a titty cup? What kind of hat is that kid wearing?
  • "Đã lỡ yêu" sounds like "I love you" if you say it fast enough, and the two phrases could almost be interchanged without the song skipping a beat.