Today, we're going back to the future of Vpop. We're talking about new Vpop songs with that old school flavor flav.

I almost included this song in my last list of nhạc buồn since it's a love song about heartache. Hai Thế Giới by Will, however, doesn't have that traditional depressing feeling to it that a standard slow nhạc buồn ballad has. Instead, Hai Thế Giới has more of what I would call a 90's R&B rhythm to it than anything else. It doesn't have that Kpop or EDM ballad sound that seems to be hot right now, so I'm including it on this list of old school sounding Vpop songs.

I would classify both Vietnamese singers Quang Vinh and Chi Dân as more traditional Vpop singers. In this song titled Dịu Dàng Đến Từng Phút Giây off of Quang Vinh's album Greatest Hits / The Memories 2017, Quang Vinh and Chi Dân demonstrate that Vpop of yesteryear still has a place in today's rapidly changing Vpop industry.

It's been a while since I could honestly say that I like listening to a Hoàng Yến Chibi song. With Anh Nói Em Nghe Đi, I guess the traditional elements of the song appealed to the old man in me that wants to yell at all the young kids these days for their shitty taste in music. FeelsOldMan.

I very much like this 1985 version of Yêu 5 originally by Rhymastic. As person born in the 1980's (aka 8X generation), I'm not so sure you could call this a "1985" version. I'm pretty sure Daft Punk wasn't around in the 1980's, and the singer in this looks like she's 16! What does she even know about the 80's? I can't tell it this is age misappropriation here, or if I have become an ageist. Darn, you kids! Get off my lawn!

Out with the new, in with the old! This next MV is for all you cougar loving men out there. In Người Hãy Quên Em Đi (Please Forget Me), Mỹ Tâm is like that aunt that just doesn't know how to quit. No matter how old she gets, she still wants to be young and hip. But I guess if you still have it, flaunt it. 40 is the new 20 after all. If there was a promo video to fight ageism, this video would be it. There's basically three different generations depicted -- kids, young adults, and mature adults. Stop age segregation!

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