Four months after their collaboration with Suni Hạ Linh for “Chỉ Cần Là Mình Cùng Nhau,” MONSTAR is back with a new project, “The Magic Show.” Kicking off the first of four songs is a soft and slow acoustic song of lost love, composed by MONSTAR’s youngest and newest member, GREY-D.

If I’m being honest, when I first heard “Tình Yêu Chậm Trễ,” something about the guitar plucking patterns at the beginning and throughout the verses reminded me a lot of former MONSTAR member Erik’s “Mùa Đông.” Which isn’t a detriment at all – as a matter of fact, Grey-D chose a great set of simple chord progressions to get across a tone of soft longing, a kind of regretful sadness that fits the lyrics of “listening to you, my heart hurts – why did I not realize love sooner?”

The music also sets up the MV very well, even though for a majority of it I felt like I was waiting for the ball to drop on Nicky and actress Quynh Anh Shyn’s relationship. They seemed so happy together, but there was no way with a song like “Tình Yêu Chậm Trễ” playing that that story could end happily. The layered voices along with Grey-D’s falsetto at that moment of realization was really effective.

Also, Grey-D’s falsetto – wow.

Overall, “Tình Yêu Chậm Trễ” is a nice, fairly balanced song, and it’s great to see that ST.319 is allowing their artists to contribute to the creative process a bit more. It’d be interesting to see from here on if Grey-D and the other members of MONSTAR continue to write their own songs, showcasing their own individual styles and personalities. As it is, the next act up for MONSTAR is “Baby I Told You” headed by Key, which just based off the teaser looks like it will be a completely different style and tone from “Tình Yêu Chậm Trễ."

So, we will wait in anticipation to see what will be revealed in their "Magic Show."

(Maybe the other two members of MONSTAR still listed on their Facebook page as "unreleased"?)

BONUS: A short, even slower acoustic version of “Tình Yêu Chậm Trễ” released on ST.319’s Youtube page that I think I actually prefer to the original. Stripped down, you can really hear the nuances of Grey-D’s voice better. Also, it’s just fun to hear Nicky and Key horsing around.