Young man, there's no need to feel down because today we're talking about nhạc trẻ, or youth music. Hurray for the springtime of youth!

Singer Min wants the youth of Vietnam to take a step to fame in her latest song STEPS2FAME -- a song made to help Celeb Entertainment recruit new Vietnamese talent to partake in a music competition where contestants go through a Kpop-style training program. Participants will undergo 4 months of rigorous training and then must compete to become the top 4 performers on a televised music show. Contestants will be judge by a panel of music professionals. Big industry names such as Vpop diva Thu Minh, Vpop producer/musician Hoàng Touliver, Kpop producer Krazy Park, and Kpop producer Eddy S Park have signed on to be part of the program. Winners will have the chance to sign a contract worth 2,000,000,000 VND and will immediately enter a special 18 month training program (aka a Kpop boot camp). In summary, STEPS2FAME is shaping up to be a Kpop-influenced Vpop version of "The Four" with P. Diddy and the Fam, who you know do it better.

Speaking of Korean Vpop, Korean Vpop singer Han Sara is back with another teenage pop song with ya boi Tùng Maru of Uni5. Kids these days...they are always talking about L-O-V-E, but what do they know? Please, Tùng Maru couldn't even do the proper hand seals for a summoning jutsu. He f*cked it up, and a bratty little kid accidentally popped out. Somebody needs to tell Tùng Maru about using protection next time. To catch more of Han Sara and Uni5 in more teenage life mishaps, you can watch the sitcom Thần Tượng Tuổi 300 from which this OST song came from.

Sometimes you need an older generation to show the youth of today the way. Because without any guidance, they could end up looking up to Ugandan Knuckles to show them da wae. Ngày Cưới by Yanbi and Yến Lê has somewhat of a more mature flow than your typical teenage pop song. It is song about the beauty and perfection of one's wedding day and not some puppy love BS. Ngày Cưới is a pretty groovy Vpop MV, yet it doesn't get that much attention. Why is that? If I had to guess, I would say Ngày Cưới is too classy for it's own good. It's just not dumb down enough for today's Ugandan-Knuckles-meme-loving youth.

Hạnh Sino needs to grow up in Vội Vàng Yêu Anh. First off, no one is going to call you if you give them contact information that is obviously fake. Your phone number is all zeros, and your email is a gibberish yahoo address. Secondly, could the guy in this MV be any less alpha? Homeboy looks like he just got back from a cosplay convention with his wannabe ninja outfit. I'm supposed to believe this guy is some sort of player? Dude could hardly bench 10 kilos! Get out of here! I bet you this guy gets mistaken for a girl from behind all the time. Anyways, I'm not sure that I like the message that this MV sends to younger people. Personally, I like the Hạnh Sino with glasses and pigtails better. Showing cleavage doesn't equate to being sexy in my book.

I'm not sure who Vân Shi is and where she came from, but I like how they worked the guest artists into the title of this Vân Shi MV. Yêu Thôi Anh Ah & Chi Dân, Ngô Kiến Huy, Otis, Him basically says, "I only love you...but I also like this massive list of teen idols too," which was a pretty clever way to highlight the flimsiness of teenage love and a great way to list all of the guest artists at the same time. There were quite a few names listed. Chi Dân and Ngô Kiến Huy -- I've heard of. But excuse me for not keeping up on the latest teen idol news, who are Otis and Him? It seems Him is the rapper for a new Vpop boy band The Air, and Otis is a popular "hot boy" teen actor.

Speaking of teen idols, Falling You is the latest song from singer Tino and new Vpop boy band Zero9. How many new Vpop boy bands are there? They seem to be coming out of the woodwork now. There's not much to be said about this MV. It's your run-of-the-mill teenage love ballad.

With all this talk about Vpop boy bands, I feel like I need to even it out by talking about Vpop girl groups now. So, here's a song from girl group Lip B about one's past school days. Like Rock Lee from Naruto, you shouldn't let the springtime of youth past you by without enjoying it to its fullest. Because one day, you go from being hot shit to just being Boruto's Dad.

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